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About the Reggae Embassy

Who We Are

The Reggae Embassy is the official Embassy for the Reggae Music Industry.  It was founded in 2006 and after years of careful planning and development, it opened its doors in Kingston, Jamaica in 2010. Reggae Embassy is dedicated to educating the masses about the music industry and ensuring that all of those we assist understand their rights. Our main focus is to educate, advocate, protect, and represent talented individuals and businesses in the Reggae music industry.  We advocate not just for our clients’ rights but also for the Reggae genre itself. It is a huge part of ‘Brand Jamaica” as Jamaica is the birthplace of this culturally unique style of music that is loved by many countless countries around the world.

The Reggae Embassy is not just for those in Reggae in Jamaica or the Caribbean but for everyone no matter where they reside.  It is a global career and business advancement organization that offers life-changing opportunities and support so that the individuals and businesses they assist can progress personally, professionally, and financially.

Those who are members of the Music Embassies have access to the benefits of the Reggae Embassy. However, recently the Reggae Embassy has launched a new Music Community Outreach Division to provide services to those who need one-off services, assistance, and/or consulting.

We assist and have opportunities for

  • Recording Artists
  • Producers
  • Composers
  • Record Labels
  • Managers/Management Companies

  • MultiMedia Companies
  • Music Societies
  • Music Agencies
  • Marketing, PR & Promotion Companies
  • Radio Stations

  • DJ’s and Sound Systems
  • Recording Studios
  • Sound/Music Engineers
  • Video Production Individuals and Companies
  • Distribution Companies

Reggae Embassy provides free consultations for those in the music industry. This free consultation will evaluate if you have the MMBB (Minimum Music Business Basics) to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your music career and/or business in the music industry. Sign up today via the link on the navigation bar of this site. Free consultations are based on first-come first-serve basis.

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